About Us

Hello, Goodies!
My name is Wendy Cepeda and the owner of GOODIES COLLECTIONS BY J&F (www.goodiescollections.com). I am a wife and mother of two marvelous kids, and a music and books lover. I created and launched my website in 2021 and the letters (J&F) in the store’s name is a tribute to my son and daughter. I feel very happy and grateful to accomplish my dearest dream: creating a women’s and accessories store that offers high-quality, chic, and affordable women’s products.
I have been working for several years to make it happen. This project was created with all my love and passion for fashion, and it represents to me the opportunity to encourage my shoppers to express themselves by offering amazing pieces to create the outfits that make them feel powerful and confident. This is the reason that I choose the slogan, “Wear comfy, feel confident”. I strongly believe that having an elegant and appropriate wardrobe is not a matter of spending huge amounts of money, it’s just making the right decision while choosing your items.